Map of Karimun Jawa Island Karimun Jawa Island from Sea
Karimun Jawa  is one of the destinations to visit for your holiday. Karimunjawa is an archipelago on 27 islands in the Java Sea, 90 kilometres
northward of Jepara, Indonesia.

Karimun is the main island however other major island include Nyamunk Island,
Kemohan Island, Parang Island and Genting Island.

Karimunjawa Paradise Cottage   is located on the main island. The cottage is on a hill and is less then 5 minutes by vehicle from harbor.
It is approximately 350 square metres located in 32.775 square metres private
The cottage is designed to accommodate just two couples. However there is
folding bed in the living room to accommodate another couples or children.

          Number Visitors :  831